Thing 4: Do we need homework?

I spend countless hours as a teacher looking over homework. For the most part, students turn in the completed work on time in order to get a grade for completion. Even though I do not grade the homework, it’s important to me that it be completed neatly and that they have completed it in a timely manner. Does it provide any academic advantage to students who do their homework and turn it in on time? For the most part, my assumption is NO !  After reading Mr, Meyers article on homework, I see that the students who would benefit from extending the daily work at  home are the ones most likely to turn in incomplete work or even worse not to it at all. Since I teach first graders,  the homework is meant for a simple review of the prior weeks skills. The parents complain if the students don’t have enough homework and some complain because the struggle each day to get the students to do it. I guess I will keep assigning the homework, maybe I will make it to read my blogs!!

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